NANKAI (brown sugarcane) fresh, clean, vibrant
SUZUME KOHAKU ( barley ) aged in bourbon barrel - smoky
BENI OTOME ( sesame ) - nutty, rich, unique

Chrysanthemum Mist – Kikusui (Junmai Ginjo)
CLEAN – smooth richness, faint fruitiness, slightly dry

Hawk in the Heaven – Tentaka (Junmai)
EARTHY – dry, crisp, traditional junmai flavor

Mt. Hakkai – Hakkaisan (Junmai Ginjo)
CLEAN – light, floral hints, notes of banana skin, dry

Mystery – Maboroshi (Junmai Ginjo)
AROMATIC – delicate, grapefruit & citrus notes, slightly dry

Tenth Degree – Dewazakura (Ginjo) 
DRY – martini-lover's sake: dry, clear, hint of juniper

Cherry Bouquet – Dewazakura (Ginjo)
AROMATIC – floral, touch of pear, and melon

Heart of Oak – Tamagawa (Junmai)
SMOKEY – crisp, flavorful, nutty and toasty with a wild berry zing

Snow Maiden – Tozai (Junmai Nigori)
UNFILTERED – cloudy, bright fruit notes, starts sweet finishes dry

Kenbishi Kuromatsu (Honjozo)
Medium dry with fragrance, lingering and shows flavor of Kenbishi’s koji rice to its fullest

Summer Snow – Kamoizumi (Ginjo Nigori)
UNFILTERED voluptuously rich & robust, lively sweetness

Mio – Sho Chiku Bai (Sparkling)
SPARKLING refreshing, mellow, sweet

Cloudy Bubbles – Shirakawago (Nigori)
SPARKLING NIGORI honey, banana, and coconut flavors. Balanced, slightly sparkling

Gold Blossom – Tedorigawa Kinka (Nama Daiginjo)
Full, clean taste, with a nice balance of sweetness and acidity, delicate fruitiness

Umelicious – Kamoizumi Umeshu (Junmai)
Sweetness, acidity, piquant plum flavor, satisfying balance and smoothness

Classic – Kirinzan (Futsushu)
DRY – clean, light, refreshing, well refined

Happy Bride Kamoizumi (Kome Kome)
MODERN – pleasantly tart, green apple notes, acidic & sweet

Gold Born (Junmai Daiginjo)
COMPLEX – smooth and even fruit tones, hints of grape and pear

Snow Room Hakkaisan (Junmai ginjo)
AGED – 3 years in the snow, well balanced and smooth

Horin Gekkeikan (Junmai Daiginjo)
PREMIUM – lightly sweet caramel aromas mixed with a delicate balance of sweetness and acidity

Highest Quality Joto (Daiginjo)
PREMIUM – exquisitely smooth and delicate with perfectly clean notes of Japanese green apple

Awa Hakkaisan
SPARKLING – lovely fruity aroma, elegant, refreshing, gentle sweetness and crisp finish

Kurosawa (Daiginjo)
PREMIUM RESERVE – ultimately smooth and delicate with hints of pear, butter and flora

Dancing Flower – Hana no mai (Junmai Daiginjo)
ULTRA PREMIUM – silky, apple chips, licorice notes, slightly dry

Yoshino River – Yoshi no Gawa (Daiginjo)
ULTRA PREMIUM – aged 3 years, full of lush fruit and spice notes

Ryusei – Bekkaku (Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo)
Combining freshness with a solid foundation, has a refreshing, clear, aroma like peaches

Otter Fest – Dassai (Junmai Daiginjo) Kosher
ULTRA PREMIUM – light yet beamingly fruity with excellent complex notes of spring fruits and perfect acidity

Miracle Sake – Kimura Shiki (Junmai Daiginjo)
MIRACLE – made with pesticide and fertilizer free Omachi rice. It has a rich sweetness with tones of apple, pear, and vanilla that drinks very well balanced and relaxed.

Extinction – Watari Bune (Junmai Daiginjo)
HEIRLOOM – luscious and layered notes of honeydew, green melon, peach, and pineapple husk. This sake is brewed with an heirloom strain of rice that was extinct in Japan for 61 years.


Craft Beer from Japan
Kawaba "sunrise" amber ale 11oz
Coedo "Kyara" indian pale lager 11oz
Coedo "shikkoku" black lager 11oz
Kizakura Kyoto white yuzu ale (japanese citrust) 11oz
Hitachino Nest ancient nipponia pilsner 11.2oz
Hitachino Nest white ale 24oz
Hitachino Nest red rice ale 24oz
Echigo rice lager 17oz

Asahi draft 14oz
Sapporo light 12oz
Sapporo 20oz

WINE corkage fee is $25, maximum 2 bottles
Sparkling Rose JCB
Bortolomio Brut Prosecco ‘17

Sauvignon Blanc Groth ‘14 Napa
Sauvignon Blanc Attitude ‘16 France
Pinot Gris Mt. Beautiful ‘14 North Canterbury
Chardonnay Louis Jadot, Pouilly-Fuisse ‘13 Burgundy, France
Chardonnay Landmark ‘13 Sonoma
Chardonnay Olivier Laflaive, Bourgogne ‘16 Burgundy, France
Chardonnay Far Niente ‘13 Napa
Rieseling Gun Metal ‘16 Australia

Rosé Whispering Angel '16 France
Rosé Hecht & Bannier ‘17 France
Sparkling Rosé JCB

Pinot Noir Fess Parker ‘15 Sta. Rita Hills
Cabernet Justin '16 Paso Robles

Non Alcoholic
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite
Iced Tea, Iced Green Tea
Ramune Japanese Soda
Passion Fruit Green Tea, Pomegranate Green Tea