Chirashi Bowl of Your Dreams

Chirashi Bowl of Your Dreams

Hamasaku, which has one of the city’s best sushi bars and omakase menus, is quietly revamping their lunch game, with a gorgeous chirashi bowl that contains six different kinds of fish atop seasoned rice.

Chef Yoya Yakahashi does a take on Osaka-style chirashi, which tends to taste a bit sweeter than a Tokyo-style chirashi. That’s mainly because instead of individual fish pieces laid out, the elements are comprised of cured or cooked ingredients, then chopped up together. As a base, the chef chiffonades some shiso leaves and tosses them with tobiko into sushi rice. He then presses the rice into a mold so that the mixed fish can fit perfectly over it.

Finally Yoya takes a thick soy glaze and gently covers the top of the chirashi, but only after laying out a few pieces of uni. It’s a dish that you’re going to want to snap a photo of before diving in.

The bara chirashi bowl runs $28 during lunch.

- Eater LA

Chef Yoya Breaking Down Fish

Chef Yoya Breaking Down Fish

Watch as chef Yoya breaks down an Ishi Dai, Hiramasa, and Yagara fish. 

Yagara, also known as "trumpet" fish. 

Finished product of the Ishi Dai.

Chef Yoya torching the Ishi Dai.

Ishi Dai under the fire before being sliced to nigiri.